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Advertise And Rent Your Property At No Cost

Why Advertise On RentRovi?

Have Peace of Mind with Reliable Tenants

Since RentRovi does a rigorous credit and document analysis of tenants before the rental process is made, this is no longer a problem for those who rent their homes with Us.

Have Your Monthly Rental Income Guaranteed

After your house is rented out, you don't have to worry about whether your rent is paid on time every month. All your money is transferred directly to your account on the date written on the contract. Moreover, even if your house remains empty, the rent continues to be paid.

Rent Quickly And Save Time

With RentRovi, the valuation of your home is done accurately and it is rented out in an average of 7 days. With RentRovi, you will increase your chances of finding tenants in a shorter time and save time by getting rid of paperwork.

Your Home is Protected with a Comprehensive Insurance

Do not worry about the damage that may occur in your home. RentRovi offers free home protection insurance against damages up to 50,000 TL.

Get Your Annual Rent Upfront

RentRovi, in collaboration with Koçfinans, provides this opportunity to those who want to rent their house. Moreover, not monthly, but with an annual rental guarantee. By renting your house with RentRovi, you can collect your 1-year rental fee in advance and easily see your cash needs.

Take Advantage of Our Post-Rental support Services

One of the greatest services RentRovi offers for you is to support you after the rental process. When the tenant has a problem with the house, they can contact RentRovi directly without disturbing you. Wherever you are, or whenever you need, RentRovi offers hassle-free property management for you.

Valuation of the House

We evaluate your home with our expert team and offer the most advantageous package for you.

Professional Photo & Video Shooting

Thanks to our professional picture and video shoots, home visits are reduced by 60% and we ensure that your home is noticed by tenants 10 times.

Publication of the Ad

We publish your house on RentRovi and different platforms, and we rent your houses 5 times faster than traditional real estate offices with special online advertising work.

Private Lease for You

Your house is rented from wherever you live, without any hassle or expense. All that remains is to sign the contract specially prepared for you.

Ready To Go? Start Just In 3 Steps!

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    Sign Up

    To be able to rent out on RentRovi, you first need to register by creating a new account, and pass the security checks.

  • 02

    Add a Property

    Create a new post. Once your property has been verified and confirmed by one of our Rovi(Homecheckers), publish it.

  • 03

    Find Secure Tenant

    Take the hassle out of finding renters, just sit back and relax. We will find a secure tenant for you within 7 days.

Watch the video presentation to guide you through RentRovi's world

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Here is what our happy owners have been saying about us

FAQ For Landlords

Find useful info on how to start, rent-out, manage your listings, and more on RentRovi.

Getting Started
What is RentRovi and how does it work?

RentRovi is a medium and long term home rental platform that offers end-to-end management for landlords and tenants.

Is it advantageous to rent your house through RentRovi?

When you apply as a landlord, we bring your houses together with reliable tenants quickly, with financial security, in just 4 steps without any hassle.
- Lease process in 7 days on average
- Lease out your homes at the highest valuation
- Financial assurance
- Monthly rental income guarantee
- Annual rent payment in advance
- Trusted tenant profile
- After-leasing service
Thanks to these unique advantages of RentRovi, you do not waste your valuable time with the tenant and the house. Submit your home to RentRovi and get comfortable.

Who can rent out on RentRovi?

Any house owner can rent out on RentRovi, as long as you are the legal owner of the property / properties that you wish to list, or you have the right to rent out the property / properties that you wish to list.

In which cities do you serve?

For now, we only provide service in the big districts of Istanbul.
In the first months of 2022, we aim to serve in all of Istanbul and Turkey's three largest cities.

Is it free to become a RentRovi member?

You can create an account on RentRovi for free. We charge according to the service models we offer. For more information, visit www.rentrovi.com/en/landlord/ page.

How much to rent out my property?

It is totally free to list your property on RentRovi. The best is that you can list as many as you wish with no charges.
Even our Rovis(Homecheckers) are free of charge;)

Sales Questions
What is RR-Deposit Free Model?

It is a special rental model created by RentRovi. A deposit of 1/2 to 3/4 is taken depending on the house, divided into 12 installments and spread over one year on the monthly rent. In this model, the deposit fee remains with the landlord. In addition, we insure the house with a free insurance up to 50,000 TL.

How can I receive annual advance rent payment?

After meeting the house with the tenant, we define a loan in the name of our tenant through Koçfinans. After defining this loan, a one-year rental fee is transferred to the bank account of the landlord through Koçfinans within 3 working days.

Is home protection insurance offered by RentRovi fee?

As a host, your home is completely free if you choose one of our RR-No Deposit, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages.

Usage Guides
How do I create an account?

To create your account please visit the Sign Up page and follow steps on the next screen.

How to manage my listings?

Log In to your RentRovi account, and select My listings from the menu.

How can I add listings?

Please fill out and send the information form about your house.
- Our team members will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the information and make a professional picture, video and valuation of your home.
- After taking professional pictures and videos and choosing the model that suits you, we share your home on our platform.
- Finally, you can be informed about the latest developments and register immediately to follow the current status of your home.

How long can I rent my house for?

You can rent it for 1-12 months.
It is the most preferred 6-12 month rental.

How are home visits made by tenants managed?

As the host, reservations and home screenings are made without any hassle through our team's field operations staff, Rovi.

Can I rent my house unfurnished?

You can also rent your house unfurnished. If you wish, we can furnish your home at affordable prices through our contracted partners.

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